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White marble from Turkey: Mugla White

On this video we do a brief analysis of a fantastic and well known Turkish white marble the Mugla White, making a comparison between the main selections you can expect from this stone.


Turkish marble and travertine split-face

On this video we introduce you to a fantastic natural stone product: the split-face. These are bands of marble or travertine with a rough split-face surface that are mostly used on exterior cladding and wall coverings.


Travertine Grey from Turkey

The Travertine Silver is a specific type of Travertine from Turkey, presenting a grey-silver colour, which is quite unique for this type of natural stone.


Portoro Antalya black marble from Turkey

The Portoro Antalya is a black marble from Turkey that has quite an exclusive and unique look. This has a messy and unpredictable structure that does not resemble any other stone.


Marmara Equator marble selection for 2017

Here, we make a quick analysis of the current top selection of Marmara White marble that is being extracted by most quarries in Turkey. This is the expected selection for 2017.

Travertine Clasic Vein-Cut TSS

How to Choose: Travertine Classic Vein-Cut vs. Cross-Cut

There are two main variations for the Travertine Classic – vein-cut and cross-cut. They generate a complete different look for the same stone, thus providing a rather interesting result for certain applications and projects.

Travertine Tiles Two Side Filling TSS

Travertine Tiles: Two Side Filling

A new filling method is innovating the travertine market by drastically increasing the material’s durability and resistance. The two side filling creates a protective barriers on the both sides of the tiles, thus making the surface much more reliable at a long run.

Travertine Noce TSS

Travertine Noce from Turkey

Travertine Noce is one of the most prominent travertine stones from Turkey. Besides the considerable demand, this stone has developed a solid positioning across the years. It is currently one of the most popular brown travertines in the market

Burder Red Marble

Burdur Red Marble from Turkey

The Burdur Red is a new rising marble from Turkey. It presents a significant reputation, mostly due to its large reserves and unique appearance. However, in the international market the positioning of the Burdur Red is still in-development.

Kalista Cream and Dark Emperador Flooring and Coverings

Karia Cream Project: WOW Istanbul Hotel in Turkey

The WOW Istanbul Hotel combines a luxurious interior design, with a refined sense of lodging, entertainment and comfort. The hotel has also used the Karia Cream marble for most of its interior flooring and wall coverings.

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