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Marmara White marble commercial names

The Marmara White marble is a reference white marble from Turkey, with historical use on a diversity of buildings such as mosques, hammams, monuments and all sorts of historical buildings all over Turkey.


Top surface finishings of the Travertine Noce CC

The Travertine Noce is a brown coloured type of travertine from Turkey, which is considered a very versatile stone that can accept a wide range of surface finishes


White Marble from Turkey: Turkish Carrara

There are plenty of white marble in Turkey, but there is one particular marble that stand out from the crowd, which is called Turkish Carrara. This is no more than a white marble with a greyish colour tone, presenting irregular darker grey veins.


Light Emperador from Turkey commercial names

The Light Emperador is one of the most famous brown marble in the world and an internationally recognised marble from Turkey, with incredible demand and large supply and reserves.


Marmara Equator marble from Turkey

The Marmara White is a well-known white marble from Turkey, also called Equator marble. This is a special type of marble that presents a white colour but a strong particularity that is a parallel and uniform grey vein.


Choosing Travertine Yellow from Turkey

The Travertine Yellow is a fantastic type of travertine stone that is mostly extracted in Turkey. There is a growing number of quarries extracting this type of travertine, which has seen an exponential demand worldwide.


Choosing the Turkish Dark Emperador marble

On this video, we will be introducing you to an alternative marble to the Spanish Dark Emperador: basically the Turkish Dark Emperador. This Turkish marble takes the name from the original Spanish one, but with some differences.


Turkish Travertine Noce vein cut finishes

On this video, we will be introducing you to some of the most popular types of surface finishings used on the Travertine Noce vein-cut.


Turkish travertine tumbled tiles

On this video, we introduce you to a very popular type of travertine tiles that are available in Turkey: the tumbled travertine tiles. These are small rustic looking tiles, made with all types of travertine stone.


Turkish Travertine Pink

On this video, we introduce you to a quite unique type of Travertine from Turkey: the Travertine Rose. This is an exclusive type of travertine that does a wonderful job if combined with other coloured types of travertine.

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