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Turkish Travertine Pink


On this video, we introduce you to a quite unique type of Travertine from Turkey: the Travertine Rose. This is an exclusive type of travertine that does a wonderful job if combined with other coloured types of travertine.

The Travertine Rose is a special type of travertine from Turkey, which presents a red / pinkish / rose colour. This is a type of travertine with a particular colour tone and that is not extracted by to many quarries. It is a beautiful light red type of travertine with a growing demand. The Travertine Rose is mostly produced with a cross-cut orientation, as the vein-cut presents quite irregular look and vein. This is an ideal type of travertine to be used on small scale decoration projects, for flooring, wall coverings and more, specially in combination with other coloured types of travertine.

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