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Marmara Equator

Marmara Equator

The Marmara White is a white coloured marble, with medium grain and uniform background. The Marmara White is a type of marble with a unique feature: it presents a parallel grey/bluish coloured vein. This parallel vein is what makes this white marble so unique and distinct.


This is a preferential type of marble to be used on flooring, coverings and interior decoration. It is most commonly found on hammam projects all over the Middle East.

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The Marmara White is a famous natural stone from Turkey, with a considerable history. This marble has been used throughout history in Turkey and is today a reference white marble both in Turkey and abroad. It is extracted by some quarries with small to medium dimension in the island of Marmara, and its blocks can have any dimension.

This is today one of the reference marble from Turkey, with a specific market demand, mostly from Middle Eastern countries.

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